Guided by the leadership, teachings, and inspiration of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory, Chabad Lubavitch has come to embody the motto of “Love thy fellow as thyself ” by reaching out to every Jew with Ahavat Yisrael - an unconditional love and concern regardless of affiliation or background - reviving the sparks of Jewish consciousness embedded in every Jewish person.

When it comes to Action, You won’t find us only talking about concepts; we bring them to life. For over two centuries Chabad-Lubavitch has translated deeply rooted Jewish concepts into a practical foundation of life. While sharing and teaching the beauty of Judaism, every individual is encouraged to appreciate the depth of our heritage at their own comfortable pace.

Chabad is not a membership organization. For anyone searching to take another step on his or her spiritual journey, we offer innovative educational programs in all areas of Jewish life. We are here to show that in truth every Jew is the rightful heir to a heritage that is immensely rich with purpose and meaning.

Chabad is connected yet independent. Chabad is traditional in their personal lives, yet liberal in their outreach. No one is excluded from their embrace.

As the world’s largest Jewish educational and outreach organization and a vibrant force in global Jewish life, Chabad has touched the lives of millions of Jews.With close to 4,000 educational, social and religious institutions worldwide, there is not a Jewish community in the world that has not been positively affected by the work of Chabad. As we expand our efforts, with the strength and guidance we receive from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, we intend to touch millions more.

Our goal is to ...

... Promote Jewish pride, identity, celebration and education.

... Establish a warm and traditional Community Center where everyone is welcomed and comfortable.

... Create programs to share the time-honored cultural legacy of Jewish wisdom, exhilaration, creativity, and learning.

... Provide for the spiritual and material needs of every Jew in the community – regardless of background or affiliation – with unconditional love and concern.