At Lyndhurst Chabad Hebrew School, we foster a positive sense of Jewish identity and pride, by imparting in each child an appreciation of Jewish history, culture and values.

Our children gain excitement in the lead up to the holidays. They appreciate Jewish history, and understand the importance of Jewish values and ethics through our cutting-edge Judaica curriculum. Through the years at Lyndhurst Chabad Hebrew School, students gain an appreciation and understanding of Jewish history, Mitzvot, Jewish moral values, and general Jewish trivia.

Festivals are celebrated with families. Shabbat learning comes to life with an exuberant Shabbat dinner and spirited Havdalah service. Purim brings hamantashen baking, and Passover learning culminates with a fantastic 3D passover experience. Jewish heritage has never been so relevant, meaningful and alive.

Throughout our curriculums, we imbue within our children the importance of being a ‘mentsch’; a moral, compassionate, responsible and giving individual. We encourage our children to take responsibility and leadership roles in their home and school environments.